Whispers Of The Forest

When our paths first took us to the forest, we were delighted to find the God and Goddess everywhere… in the rustles of the leaves on the trees, in the rushing water of a nearby stream, in the call of the animals, and in the song of the birds.


Now we have returned to the forest, knowing that the God and Goddess are there, but searching for more, for a deeper understanding of ourselves and the purpose of our journey through this life.


If we stand long enough and block out the noise and clutter of our existence, clear our mind and open our hearts, we hear it, Barely audible.


The Whisper

The History

.A Birthing Ritual for Whispers of the forest was held
September 22, 2005 (Mabon)

The First business meeting to begin forming the coven was held November 15, 2005.
The first initiations of coven members took place on November 18, 2006.




1. Know thyself

2. Know your craft

3. Apply knowledge & wisdom

4. Achieve balance

5. Apply knowledge 

6. Keep your words in good order

7. Keep your thoughts in good order

8, Celebrate life

9. Attune with the cycles of the earth

10. Breathe and eat correctly

11. Excercize the body

12. Meditate

13. Honor the God and Goddess

The Coven

Since Covid, we have been meeting in person and through Zoom during the New Moon and Sabbats. This allows us to not only socialize and perform ritual face to face, but also allows us to celebrate with members who wish to remain active but are no longer in the area.


New Moons 2023

October 14
November 13
December 12



Will be scheduled directly with members.


There are currently 10 fully initiated members in Whispers of the Forest along with one non-member seeking initiation.

Whispers from Pulstar